Viet-Veggie Words and Phrases

Useful sentences in Vietnamese that you might want to copy down or copy/paste/print out:

Tôi ăn chay. tôi không ăn thịt ,kể cả đồ hải sản. I am vegetarian.  i do not eat any meat… not even seafood.

Tôi thích ăn mì, rau xanh, thức ăn cay… nhưng tôi không thích nước mắm  I like noodles, green vegetables, spices…. but I do not like fish flavor in the sauce.

mì không thịt (kể cả hải sản) = noodles without meat (not even seafood)

cơm chiên = fried rice  (be careful, this can have egg or meat sauce in it)

Đậu hũ = Tofu

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and I’m very happy about it. I will travel to Ho Chi Minh next summer and I am Vegetarian 🙂

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