Other Cities

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(please help me add more addresses – glennskii@gmail.com  )

Phan Thiết:

(I hear from locals that Phan Thiết has two Com Chay eateries, but perhaps there are more. )

  • Com Chay “Houng Trai”
  • 64 Nguyen Trai  (close to intersection with Tuyen Quang street) 
  • address also labeled F29 Nguyen Trai
  • I like this place.  It is spacious, cheap, and on a relatively quiet street.
  • It is walking distance from the shopping center, the golf course, immigration office
  • ——————————————————————————————————
  • “Lạc Vân” Vegetarian Restaurant
  • 250 Thu Khoa Huan Street.
  • prices only very slightly higher than the above-listed com chay.
  • new and clean and spacious.
  • reading materials and other things of interest
  • staff is eager to please and speaks some English.
  • when passing through Phan Thiết to Mũi Né, stop in here — it is on the way

Mũi Né:

Apparently, there are no true Com Chay eateries in Mui Ne.

For pointers on how to eat veggie here, please see one of my other blogs:



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