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Veggie Venue 10 – Quan Chay Dao Vien

I actually found this nice little gem via foursquare because Hoa Khai on Nguyen Cu Trinh (one of my truly favorite spots) was closed for renovation. A quiet little family restaurant tucked behind an alley between Tran Hung Dao and the river. The menu’s pretty simple and cheap but you really do get value for your money, you just have to know what to order.

In my opinion, there are restaurants that are good at “com phan” and there are restaurants that are good at “com dia”. This is a place that’s good at “com phan”. “Com dia” means a meal for an individual person and “com phan” means a meal that is shared amongst family and friends. Quan Chay Dao Vien is good at “com phan”, keep that in mind, don’t go alone, come with your friends! All in all, a great place to bring a group of people, especially with their huge menu selection.

Their “chay gio chien”  and deep fried mushrooms are excellent but their noodles leave something to be desired.

Address of Quan Chay Dao Vien is:
63 Tran Dinh Xu
P. Cau Kho, Q. 1
Tel: 0903373933


Summary of Saigon Vegetarian

Hi everyone, My name is Minh and I’m another vegetarian in Saigon. I’ll be writing new blog posts for Saigon Vegetarian from now on while Glenn is away and finding other folks that are interested in writing (Please let us know if you want to write too!), but before I get started with my first post, I’d like to summarize everything that Glenn has collected over the past year. Enjoy!

  • Veggie Venue 9 – Âu Lạc 2 – 530 Huỳnh Tấn Phát St. ; D7
  • Veggie Venue 8 – Thien Y – 36 Tran Quy Cap ; Binh Thanh District, Ward 11
  • Veggie Venue 7 – Âu Lạc – 60 Tân Vĩnh Street; D4
  • Veggie Venue 6 – Hoa Khai: 124-126 Nguyen Cu Trinh; D1
  • Veggie Venue 5 – “Ngoc Tho” ; 175/9 Pham Ngu Lao, D1
  • Veggie Venue 4 – “Thien Tan” ; Ton Dan Street, D4
  • Veggie Venue 3 – “Mandala” ; Suong Nguyet Anh Street, D1
  • Veggie Venue 2 — “Phap Quang” ; 31 Ton That Thuyet Street, D4
  • Veggie Venue 1 – “Sai Gon”; Bui Vien St., D1

Over the weekend, I’ll be writing a review on a little placed called “Quan Chay Dao Vien” in District 1 and then there will be a review of “Quan An Viet Chay” on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia in District 3. Thanks for reading everyone and happy eating!

Looking for a Contributor (and even co-owner) for the SaigonVegetarian Blog


I no longer live in VietNam, therefore i would love to have someone contribute to the blog.  This person can even be a co-owner and moderator as well, if they would like.  I wouldn’t even have any big expectations.  If someone adds even small amounts of data a couple of times a month or so, that would be great.  Please write me an e-mail if you would be interested.



Veggie Venue 8 – Thien Y – 36 Tran Quy Cap ; Binh Thanh District, Ward 11

This new veggie venue is not of my creation.  This is a blog entry taken from Steven McGrath’s blog called “Channel Steve”.  Steve (a.k.a. RockPortrait) is a well-known and respected ex-pat blogger in VietNam.  He was kind enough to let me repost his post on Saigon Vegetarian.  Here is the link to his Blog:

and here is the link to the original posting:


and here is the pasted entry:

I was lucky enough to be invited to eat at the newly opened vegetarian restaurant, Thien Y, in Binh Thanh district. It’s owned by the family of one of the VAS students.

I wasn’t expecting much, being a meat eater, but the food, decor, cleanliness and ambience in this place blew me away. They used mushrooms in place of meat to create dishes like sweet & sour pork, and the difference was almost indistinguishable.

To top it all off, six dishes and two drinks came to a gob-smacking 200,000VND (just under $10). Well worth a taxi ride to this north-eastern district.

Address of Thien Y is:
36 Tran Quy Cap
P.11, Q. Binh Thanh
Tel: 0913 916 036

Photo 1 is a soup that updates and outdoes the ever so popular Sup Cua (crab soup).
Photo 2 is a dish with assorted mushrooms, so tasty with perfectly crispy greens and carrots.

“Saigon Vegetarian” (and my other blogs/sites) Now Have “Google Translate”

You will notice in the links widget to the right,  that there is a new link related to Google Translation.  Click on it to have this website open in “Google Translate”.  After this, select the language you want to read.  Please tell your friends who have been waiting for translation into their language!

My other blogs also have a similar link in their links widgets:

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Trà Sữa Trân Châu = Bubble Tea?

Trà Sữa Trân Châu is a colorful fruity kiddie drink.  It seems to be kind of pricey compared to things like iced tea and sugar cane juice. Also, many consumers may consider it to be quite artificial. One of the ingredients is a gummy-bear-like fruit gelatin or tapioca-based gel. Other ingredients include ice, real fruit, and some kind of milk or malt and/or tea. i like fruity drinks in general, so i thought i would like it. it was okay, but i think there are better fruity things to drink or eat that are more natural and cheaper. you still might decide you want to try it… especially if you are gummy-bear fan 😉

What i tried i would hardly call “bubble tea”.  it didnt taste like tea (even if that was one of the ingredients).  it was much closer to a milk-shake with ice and gummy bears added.  it seems like there are different types of Trà Sữa Trân Châu which would explain why it might be called bubble tea.  it seems the bubbles are the globules of soft gummy-bear-like tapioca-esque thingies.  one of the ingredients in those gels is citric acid  they probably use a lot of chemicals like those used in candies around the world.  if you want more info, go to wikipedia.  if you don’t know vietnamese,  then plug in a translator to it.  i suggest google chrome.

Here is a link to a vietnamese TV report dealing with this product:

here are some pics i took of the stand in D4 in Saigon:

the “SaiGon Vegetarian” Blog Begins….

My name is Glenn.  I only recently moved to Ho Chi Minh City and I am sure there are many local vietnamese as well as ex-pats who know more about vegetarianism here than I do.  Nevertheless, I hope you find my present and future escapades and info gathering about being vegetarian in Saigon (and VietNam as a whole) to be informative — whether you’re a tourist passing through, someone new in town, or a long-term resident that just doesn’t have the time to figure this stuff out for yourself, or even simply a vegetarian interested in Asia.

My 20+ years as a vegetarian (borderline Vegan), and my geographic approach may help make this blog worth following for you — whether you are a veggie, or a food-lover in Vietnam, or someone simply interested in all topics vietnamese, or even a geographer… or maybe even just an old friend of mine.

I plan to have 4 main types of blog entries here:

1) Reviews plus info and photos about places to eat in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) — this means vegetarian restaurants and stands/bars as well as regular places with large veggie sections on their menus.  Many of these reviews will be of “Com Chay” food bars — the cheap no-meat streetside cafe/bars of sort.

2) Discussion and description of the cuisine, vegetables, ingredients, cooking, etc.

3) My experiences here as a vegetarian — including pointers of how to eat here and what you need to know to keep your veggie diet a veggie diet.

4)  Data lists which i will update and add to as i find out more (including from comments from my readers!  One of these lists will be a list of vegetarian restaurants and Com Chay locales.  This list, I think, will be an important one.  I hope you will help me with it if you are a vegetarian in SaiGon!

"Com Chay' Sign at Streetside (Veggie Food Joint)