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Đậu hũ chiên sả ớt – Chili Fried Tofu Lemongrass

Sometimes you may find yourself with friends in a vietnamese restaurant that seems to have NOTHING meatless.  If you find yourself in such a situation (if they don’t have even salads or vegetable side-dishes), you may want to get some white rice and Đậu hũ chiên sả ớt.   This means Fried Tofu with Lemongrass and Chili.  I really liked this, and it was one of the most inexpensive choices on the menu.  The only downside is that you may get tired of the taste by the end  – the taste is exotic, unique, strong (but not spicy on its own).  I suggest you share this dish with others and try to find some other things to eat along with it like white rice, water spinach,  or even beer-nuts. 😉

This Đậu hũ chiên sả ớt was from a canal-side garden restaurant/beer-hall on Tôn Thất Thuyết Street on the south border of district 4 (near the intersection with Tôn Đản Street).

Chili Fried Tofu Lemongrass

Đậu hũ chiên sả ớt

second dish from the top

tofu section of the menu


Veggie Venue 7 – Âu Lạc – 60 Tân Vĩnh Street; D4

Tiệm Cơm Chay “Âu Lạc”

60 Tân Vĩnh Street;  District 4, Ward 6.

I’m kicking myself for overlooking this place for three months!  This is a spacious, clean, friendly and affordable little place that I can easily recommend to all you vedge-heads.  It is just over the Ong Lanh Bridge from D1.  I was pretty much passing it almost every day when riding into D1.  If you are on a bike or in a car coming over the bridge (Cau Ong Lanh), you will need to double back because the street that brings you from the bridge to Tan Vinh street is divided.

Not only was the food good and fresh in this roomy relaxing cafeteria, but they also have large amounts of vegan products that you can buy and take home.

They have , just as examples:

  • Vegan fish sauce
  • Vegan deer meat, fish, squid, pork, chicken, shredded meat, etc etc
  • Vegan hot dogs
  • Vegan canned products
I bought some “fish sauce” because it is chili-based.  Fortunately,  it doesn’t taste fishy!
Below are the pics taken during my first visit.

Veggie Noodles = Mi Chay

If you want to go to the grocery store and eat at home cheap and fast, one of the things you may want to get is  “Mi Chay”.  Mi=noodle, Chay= vegetarian.  These packages will often even be kept on a different aisle or, at least, not in exactly the same place as the other packaged noodles.  Those other ones are mostly beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, or other seafood flavor.  Make sure the packages you buy have “Mi Chay” written on them.  If you can’t find them, show a store employee the meat ones and then ask “mi Chay?” <mee chay>. I don”t even bother heating up the water.  It’s so hot here in SaiGon, i prefer to just put bottled water in it,  add some fresh chili, onion, and maybe other vegetables or spices, then let it sit for about 15mins, then eat.  You may not want to prepare it with cool water, but you will probably, sooner or later, want to eat some Mi Chay.  You also might be able to give a waitress an idea of what to serve you in a restaurant by saying “Mi chay”(Veggie noodles), “Bi Chay” & Mi Xao Don Chay” (2  veggie dishes – see links at end of this blog entry), “Toi an chay (I’m Vegetarian), and “Com chay”(Vegetarian meal/Vegetables with rice).

"Mi Chay" = Veggie Noodles

and something more:

Mi Xao Don Chay (Vietnamese Vegetarian Crispy Chow Mein)                 

Bi Chay

The Fruits of Vietnam


I made “The Fruits of Vietnam” blog entry before I created “Saigon Vegetarian”, so it was posted on my first blog “MachSpeed Whippets”.  Instead of transferring it all here by hand, I will just give you the link to the entry.

from now on… MachSpeed Whippets will just be about my dogs, about whippets in general, and about being a dog-owner in SaiGon (or in Vietnam)

Saigon Vegetarian will just be about the vegetarian experience in SaiGon.