Veggie Venue 10 – Quan Chay Dao Vien

I actually found this nice little gem via foursquare because Hoa Khai on Nguyen Cu Trinh (one of my truly favorite spots) was closed for renovation. A quiet little family restaurant tucked behind an alley between Tran Hung Dao and the river. The menu’s pretty simple and cheap but you really do get value for your money, you just have to know what to order.

In my opinion, there are restaurants that are good at “com phan” and there are restaurants that are good at “com dia”. This is a place that’s good at “com phan”. “Com dia” means a meal for an individual person and “com phan” means a meal that is shared amongst family and friends. Quan Chay Dao Vien is good at “com phan”, keep that in mind, don’t go alone, come with your friends! All in all, a great place to bring a group of people, especially with their huge menu selection.

Their “chay gio chien”  and deep fried mushrooms are excellent but their noodles leave something to be desired.

Address of Quan Chay Dao Vien is:
63 Tran Dinh Xu
P. Cau Kho, Q. 1
Tel: 0903373933


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