Veggie Venue 3 – “Mandala” ; Suong Nguyet Anh Street, district 1

“Mandala” – 110 Suong Nguyet Anh Street ; D1

This is a new, relatively upscale Tibetian-Vietnamese Veggie Fusion place.

Mandala from the Street at Night

The decore is fresh, big, and impressive.  There are lots of rooms with plenty of space for quite large groups.

one of the dining areas

The menu at this restaurant is large and has English translations and pictures.

I dined here with 2 friends.  We ordered a couple things each and shared, so I got to try a lot of dishes.  I liked the various noodle dishes and the Salad Mandala the most — while the tofu, okra, and spring rolls less.  Keep in mind that the menu is much bigger than just what is seen in these photos.

The food was, in general, pretty good…  and the atmosphere is, I think, very nice.  The service is very good and with a genuine friendliness to it.  I think it is worth your time to go check this out — at least if you are passing through this side of town.  They just recently opened,  so I would think the the food could get even better with time.  It was already good enough that night for me to warrant a return visit.

About Glenn Zen

Musician (Vocalist/MC), Whippet-Breeder/Trainer, vegetarian, presently living in Poland. Other residencies: California, Texas, Maryland, Delaware, VietNam.

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