the “SaiGon Vegetarian” Blog Begins….

My name is Glenn.  I only recently moved to Ho Chi Minh City and I am sure there are many local vietnamese as well as ex-pats who know more about vegetarianism here than I do.  Nevertheless, I hope you find my present and future escapades and info gathering about being vegetarian in Saigon (and VietNam as a whole) to be informative — whether you’re a tourist passing through, someone new in town, or a long-term resident that just doesn’t have the time to figure this stuff out for yourself, or even simply a vegetarian interested in Asia.

My 20+ years as a vegetarian (borderline Vegan), and my geographic approach may help make this blog worth following for you — whether you are a veggie, or a food-lover in Vietnam, or someone simply interested in all topics vietnamese, or even a geographer… or maybe even just an old friend of mine.

I plan to have 4 main types of blog entries here:

1) Reviews plus info and photos about places to eat in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) — this means vegetarian restaurants and stands/bars as well as regular places with large veggie sections on their menus.  Many of these reviews will be of “Com Chay” food bars — the cheap no-meat streetside cafe/bars of sort.

2) Discussion and description of the cuisine, vegetables, ingredients, cooking, etc.

3) My experiences here as a vegetarian — including pointers of how to eat here and what you need to know to keep your veggie diet a veggie diet.

4)  Data lists which i will update and add to as i find out more (including from comments from my readers!  One of these lists will be a list of vegetarian restaurants and Com Chay locales.  This list, I think, will be an important one.  I hope you will help me with it if you are a vegetarian in SaiGon!

"Com Chay' Sign at Streetside (Veggie Food Joint)

About Glenn Zen

Musician (Vocalist/MC), Whippet-Breeder/Trainer, vegetarian, presently living in Poland. Other residencies: California, Texas, Maryland, Delaware, VietNam.

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  1. I saw you on my Facebook page and Im also a vegetarian(borderline vegan).Do you really live in Vietnam? Im kind of new to the internet so its still amazing to me that we can talk via the internet this way.Those menus that you posted really looked good.Ive been a vegetarian about 20 years also.I do alot of stirfrys with veges and tofu along with lots of whole grains. Also Im 68 years old.Maybe we can E Mail each other again.

    • yup. i’ve been here 7 weeks so far. there will be a lot more menus and some pics of dishes from time to time. and fruit/veg markets, maps, maybe recipes, etc. 😉

  2. Thomas Bergel

    Hello Glenn, When you get a chance, visit
    Loving Hut – 420 Nguyen Van Cu, Long Bien Hanoi, Vietnam.
    I believe that’s their only location in Vietnam but they’re the largest vegan restaurant in the world.

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